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During the last meeting of Europassion in SEZZE, the Passion theatre from Nancy, present with a 5 people group led by President Bernard RIETHMULLER, came especially to take charge of the next congress and invite all the members of Europassion to the 2004 congress in NANCY (France).

Henri LEBOEUF, Secretary, started with a short description of the city and of its surroundings : "Nancy is located in the eastern part of France, in the Lorraine region, 300 kms East from Paris and roughly 150 km west from Strasbourg. 150 000 inhabitants live there (300 000 with the suburbs), and there is a large University. The city also has both a strong industrial and cultural activity. We will be very happy to welcome you there next year."

Then President Bernard RIETHMULLER presented the Passion Theater from NANCY :
"We have been - for 1904 – an emanation from the OBERAMMERGAU Passion (Germany), and as such we would like to invite especially them next year. We hope to welcome you all in NANCY next year around July 14th ; as everybody knows, this is the National day in France and it would allow us to have more fun on the welcome day.
We hope that many of you will come ; this would be an opportunity for us to prove to the authorities of the city, of the region and even of the whole country that unity, love and peace are not only words but truly exist. We offer to Troups the opportunity to perform and to give a short excerpt of their Passion. We especially wish to encourage young groups that, after an 80 years period of silence behind the iron curtain, have played again their Passion, and we want to help them to come to next year meeting in NANCY.

We wish to give you the opportunity to come to NANCY (though we cannot afford to pay for your travel expenses), and we shall do our best to welcome you with groups of 15-20 people in the best conditions, so that it would cost you as little as possible.
During the last few years, an International Festival of Choir Singing took place several times in NANCY ; thousand chorists of NANCY and of the surroundings welcomed thousand chorists from the whole world. Our mayor would like it to be the same ; this would be a gesture towards the groups with financial problems and would valorise Europassion on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Passion Theatre”.

The Passion Theatre from NANCY will soon give you further useful informations concerning this meeting."